Are you looking to get back into shape, lose a few kilos, go jogging at a pace that people will have difficulty believing is possible, defy gravity, differentiate yourself from others, or simply have a great time?

If your reply was yes to one or more of those criteria, then it's time you tried bocking!

Not only will you get into better shape but you will experience a sensation that is totally beyond comparison. What's more, the word "FUN" will always accompany you when you are wearing a pair of 7 Leagueboot stilts.

Incidentally, in case you were wondering, the word 'bocking' refers to the practice of the sport of jumping stilts which stems from their inventor, a German gentleman by the name of Alexander Boeck. And people using these stilts are known as 'bockers'.

In case you are uncertain which model you need, it's important to understand that your shoe size is irrelevant. What matters is how much you weigh because the spring reacts to the weight of the user.

When pressure is applied on the heels, the effect of gravitational force will transpose the pressure being exerted on the spring into energy. This return of energy is so powerful that it literally forces the user into the air! That said, the amount of energy return is directly related to the force applied through the heels which is completely instinctive and is the reason why it is so easy to control.

You decide whether you want a light rebound when jogging or whether you wish to defy gravity like an astronaut on the moon's surface. And jumping will give you the greatest rush of adrenalin you have likely ever experienced!

So, when you choose the model that's right for you, you will need to know your exact weight. As a rule, we suggest you add 14% to your weight and then select the model for that weight range. For example, if you actually weigh 79 kg, adding 14% will make you 90,6 kg which would mean the correct model for you would be the S-REX (90-120 kg).

With time, the springs will soften slightly and the 14% you added to your weight will compensate for that making sure your stilts continue to give you the power you expect of them.

The PRODUCTS button above will direct you towards the amazing 7 Leagueboot range of high quality jumping stilts, spare parts, and accessories.

Bocking is for everyone from the age of 10 years onwards. The oldest person we know of using these stilts on a regular basis is 73 so if you are somewhere in between, you stand to have a lot of fun. Some of our  retailers offer a rental service which gives you the opportunity to rent one or more pairs whenever you wish because rentals are available all year around. This option is very useful if you have not yet made the decision to buy yourself a pair and it's an unforgettable experience amongst friends/family.

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